Saturday, February 02, 2013

Around the Horn: Super Bowl Stuff, Full Month, and More Writing Music

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

January 2013 was a busy month on the Tao after spending the majority of 2012 in a lengthy hiatus. I was eager to get back into the swing of things when the new year began. It's been fun. Lots of fun. I forgot how much fun blogging/long form writing can be when I don't give a fuck and just go for it. I even got a couple of semi-coherent pieces out of the daily "free writes." It's a tad ironic I have to structure time for unstructured writing.

Anyway, we're one day away from the Super Bowl and I wrote a bunch of sportsbetting content for Ocelot and MatchBook. I even sounded off on the Lakers. Check out those articles here:
Hollywood Bomb: Will the Lakers Miss the Playoffs? [MatchBook]
Super Bowl History: Final Scores and Betting Lines [Ocelot Sports]
Super Bowl Prop Bets - Round Table [Ocelot Sports]
Super Bowl Betting Preview [MatchBook]

Here are the highlights from this previous week on the Tao:
Transportation and Fucked-Up People - This is a future novel excerpt about living in NYC in the mid-90s... that is, if I ever get off my ass and finish the unfinished novel. For now, it's a flashback about a conversation I had with a friend before we started work one morning.

Sugar Plum-Stealing Cannibals and Swaying Palm Trees - A rare windstorm and a spooky moon hovers over Los Angeles.

Time, Shades of Pink, and Modern Consumption - This is one of those ranting bits about rampant consumerism and the coddling culture of self-indulgence which is destroying culture.

Undesirables, Hell on Earth, and the Tao of Ned Ryerson - In homage of Ground Hog's Day, I had delved into some amateur philosophizing.

Disorder at the Border - I'm trying to devote a couple of blog posts a month to fiction (since Truckin' is dunzo, I need an outlet). This particular story was inspired by a Dexter Gordon record, which had inspired some of Kerouac's passages during the typing of On the Road.

Some of my favorite Tao posts from January:
Road Trips, David Foster Wallace, and Really Good Cocaine - This essay about one of my favorite authors has quickly become of one of the most popular posts ever written on Tao of Pauly, which blows me away. Good to see DFW get some love.
Freeze Time - This is a fiction piece set on the fringe of the jazz world in the 1950s. Or the 1960s. I forget. Time gets fuzzy like that.
Monday Morning Lurid Gaze - Day in the life in Hollyweird. My neighbor, a struggling actress (with an emphasis on struggling), got into a huge fight with her boyfriend.
The Mad Shitter, Mad Pisser, and Fat Naked Guy - Three stories. Defecation and urination humor at its finest.

San Francisco Orphans -  Collection of a three unpublished and unfinished posts which I wrote when I lived in San Francisco last year.

Emo Pandas, Jesus Fence, and Jack's Obituary - Dedicated to all those speed freaks and hopelessly sad Kerouacian tragedies out there.

And let's not forget about these four posts inspired by a quick trip to Las Vegas:
Early Birds - Off to the circus and taking the all-too familiar drive from LA to Vegas with my girlfriend.

14 Alaskan Crabs - Welcome back to the land of over-indulgence

Tax Exempt Hustlers - Vegas lacks culture and creates a terrible environment for writers. 
Stardust - Po-Mo Depression, flu scares, ghosts, parking lot voyeurism, and time to go home.

This week's (jazz) writing music included...
Miles Davis' Miles Smiles
Charlie Parker and Friends
Bill Evans' On Green Dolphin Street
John Coltrane's Coltrane Plays the Blues

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