Thursday, February 28, 2013

Twit Links: February

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I posted a bunch of links on Twitter in February (not including personal pimpage). Here's an index of good long reads, cool tunes, news-worthy links, or other stupid shit...
Want to Have Music? Become a Music Writer [Vice]
Jon Fishman on Keith Moon: A Beat to Call His Own [Relix]
Audio: Dr. Seuss Sings Green Eggs and Ham [You Tube]
Audio: Profondu Gross by Greyboy All Stars [Sound Cloud]
Listening to My Bloody Valentine Three Ways [NPR]
Video: Rodriguez: The Rock icon You Don't Know [You Tube]
Video: Jerry Garcia band 3-17-78 [You Tube]

Sports and Poker
Does God Fix NFL Games? [Guy Code Blog]
A Call to Action (Contradictions about legalized gambling) [New Yorker]
Chad Millman Podcast: Soccer Betting Scandal [ESPN Radio]
Ashton Kutcher's Sportsbetting Story Checks Out [Linemakers]
The Long, Strange Trip of Dock Ellis [ESPN OTL]
Poker is America [NY Times]
Journalistic Standards In Reporting the Manti T'eo Hoax []

Pop Culture, Lit & Films
Netflix, 'House of Cards,' and the Golden Age of Television [The Atlantic]
There Are Almost No Obituaries for Sylvia Plath [The Atlantic]
The Making of Pulp Fiction [Vanity Fair]
Don't Be a Stranger (Catfish and the loneliness of Facebook) [The New Inquiry]
Raymond Chandler on Writers in Hollywood [The Atlantic]
A Newspaper Can't Love You Back by David Simon [Esquire]
I'm a Shut-in. This Is My Story []
Christopher Hitchens at Moth [Moth tumblr]
Generation Why by Zadie Smith [NY Books]
When the Spec Script Was King in Hollywood [Vanity Fair]
Why Write? [Lit Reactor]

Crazy Tenderloin Fight with Transgenders [SF Weekly]
To battle a slithery enemy, US to air-drop mice laced with drugs toxic to Guam tree snakes [Washington Post]
The Gangster Pot Princess of Beverly Hills [Rolling Stone]
My Father the Dope Dealer [The Daily Beast]

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