Saturday, February 02, 2013

Twit Links: Late January

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Sunset over Slums of Beverly Hills ~ via @change100
Here is an index of links I posted on Twitter over the second half of January (obviously not including pimpage of my own work/blogs). These are a collection of good long reads, groovy music, news stories, poker news, or other stupid shit...

Grateful Dead - 11/1/85 Richmond, VA []
First Listen: Wayne Shorter's Without a Net [NPR]
Top 10 Most Annoying Behaviors at Concerts [Rolling Stone]
Musicians/bands who played at the Philly Spectrum [Remember the Spectrum]

UB Scandal Coverage - Just Conjecturin' [Haley's Poker Blog]
Not In My House: How Vegas Wages a War on Cheating [The Verge]
Nate Silver Interview: Forecasts Long Wait for Online Poker Legislation [Bluff Magazine]

Web/Social Media
Ask Tina Fey: Why Twitter Sucks [YouTube]
Nick Denton: Ad Future Is Affiliate Links and Commerce Journalism []
The Lies He Told: Manti Te'o and a Thoroughly Modern Scandal by Chuck Klosterman & Malcolm Gladwell [Grantland]

NFL Theatre of Pain [Esquire]
The Earl of Baltimore [Joe Posnanski]
The Yanks and A-Rod [Joe Posnanski]
I Was Wayne Gretzky's Hungover Linemate [Deadspin]
Does God Fix NFL Games? 27% Americans Say Yes [MTV]
Podcast: Beanballs, Blood Feuds, and Collective Moral Responsibility [Very Bad Wizards]

Drug-Related Justin Beiber Art [Vice]
Hunter S. Thompson's Daily Routine [Google]
Hypochondria: An Inside Look by Woody Allen [NY Times]
How I Died Hard and Became a Writer [Jess Welman's Tumblr]
The Life of a Night Taxi Driver (1975)  [New York Magazine]
Interview with Steven Soderbergh on Quitting Hollywood  [Vulture]
Kurt Vonnegut's 8 Keys to the Power of Written Words [Brain Pickings]
Kerouac's Self-Drawn Map of His Hitchhiking Travels [Tao Pauly'sTumblr] 

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