Saturday, March 02, 2013

Around the Horn: Bluff, Underwear, My So-Called Middle-Age Crisis, and More Junkie-Jazz Fiction

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

This is a weekly link dump and round-up of stuff I churned out here and elsewhere.

Let's start with some poker writing. I don't write much about poker these days, which means you have to read Bluff Magazine, which has an exclusive on my poker scribblings.
Call Me Lou - This was a touching tribute about my friend and former editor, Lou Krieger, who passed away recently after losing a brutal fight with cncer.

Can't You Hear Me Knocking - I went to Vegas in January during the NFL playoffs, but I snuck in a few hands of poker. I got to play with one really angry, pissed-off malcontent.

Okay, and now here's some stuff you might have missed from Tao of Pauly in the past week...
Week of Docs: Old Men Fighting Digi-Revolution, Queens, and Herb and Dorothy - I watched a bunch of documentary films are briefly discussed each one: Queen of Versailles, PressPausePlay, Shut Up Little Man, and Herb & Dorothy.

The Music Remains the Same: Vinyl, Cassette, CD, and MP3 - My music collection has expanded and contracted over the years and taken on many different forms as technology has improved.

Tico Tico, Procrastination, and 28 Pairs of Underwear - I'm under the gun of a few deadlines, but found time to fart around doing different things -- both constructive and nor-so constructive. I also washed 28 pairs of underwear instead of writing.

Surly Sully and Crotch-Grabbing Remo (Fiction) - Another junkie-themed short story set in the jazz era. By the way, if you'd like to read everything from the current fiction project I've been posting here on the blog, here's a quick link to TAO fiction.

Tao of Angela Chase and Jalen Rose - As middle-age malaise sets in, I get a little nostalgic and realize I'm almost the same age as the dad from My So-Called Life. Plus, Jalen Rose gives some good advice.

Twit Links - A link dump of all the crap I tweet'd over the month of February. If you like longform journalism or other long reads, then take a peek at some of my favorite reads from the last few weeks.

This past month flew by and March is upon us. Here's some of my favorite pieces from Tao of Pauly in February:
Russian Day Care, Fleet of Taxis, Chain Smokers, Dog Walkers, and the Old Couple in Matching Track Suits  - Who are the people in your neighborhood? This a rundown of the folks in the Slums of Beverly Hills.

Freddy Bones - The weekly fiction series continues. This installment took place in 1953.

The Hunted - The City of Angels were terrorized by the boogie man. The story about the ex-cop cop killer who disappeared and was hunted by the LAPD.

Bad Bands - I had fun writing this one about why nothing is worse than seeing a bad band.

The Slums' Swing - There's a huge difference between my neighbors in San Francisco and Los Angeles. More musings from the Slums of Beverly Hills.

Red Plastic Bag - Ever have to take a shit on an airplane? Disclaimer and Warning... this is a very disgusting post.

I wrote about the NBA this past week on Ocelot Sports (@OcelotSports)...
Stephen Curry Drops 54 at MSG, Knicks Still Win - I watched the Golden State Warrior's superstar Stephen Curry put on a sick shooting night.... but the Knicks held on to win.

Postseason Jeopardy for the L.A. Lakers - The Lakers might not make the playoffs. Or will they?

Over on Coventry Music (@CoventryMusic), I put up a couple of diverse things including...
Sand Video (Alien Abduction Reprise) - I found an animated video that featured a very disturbing alien abduction story, but I uploaded a Phishy soundtrack.

Cute Girls with Acoustic Guitars Covering Britney Spears' Toxic - The title says it all.

Grateful Dead Celebration TV (1970) - This is a great clip of the Dead during a TV special they did in 1970 at a local San Francisco radio station.

MIX: Steve McQueen, Bitch! - This is a kick-ass mix that features hip-hop, southern rock, soul, punk, French Pop.

MIX: Chuck Norris, Bitch! - This is another epic mix that has a blend of Motown, Punk, Funk, French Pop, Surf Guitar, Soul, and Psychedelic Pop.

Oh, and how about Tao of Fear (@TaoFear)? Check out...
Dumbification: The Purpose of Schooling - John Taylor Gatto explains the sinsiter reality behind compulsory education.
Lastly, this week's writing music included...
Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane
Cool Struttin' by Sonny Clark
Hold On by Alabama Shakes

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