Saturday, March 30, 2013

Twit Links: March 2013

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Here is mostly everything I linked up on Twitter over the last month or so. It does not include personal pimpage (like stuff here and on Ocelot Sports), rather it's a bunch of links to long reads, sports-related fodder, musical mayhem and pop culture stuff.
Writers and Lit
Where's My Money? Writing Books Without an Advance [Salon]
20 Great Articles by Michael Lewis [The Electric Typewriter]
Nickelodeon Screws Their Writers [Deadline]
Harlan Ellison - Welcome to the Gulag [YouTube]
Art of Journalism Interview with Hunter Thompson [Paris Review]

Pop Culture, Film, TV, Art etc..
The Wire: Q & A with David Simon [What Is Allen Watching?]
It's Not TV, Well, It's Not TV [Jess Welman's Tumblr]
Why TED is like a cult by Eddie Huang [Chris Lindsay's Tumblr]
In & Out Burger [Things Organized Neatly]
The Simpsons: Springfield borders on four states [Fuck Yeah Springfield]
Lighten Up, Francis [You Tube]
RIP Google Reader [Google Reader Blog]
The Return of Superfly [New York Magazine]
Paul McDonough: NYC 1970s Photos [Sasha Wolf]

David Bowie, Rock's Shapeshifter, Returns [NPR]
Bob Dylan Sings Green Eggs and Ham [You Tube]
Trey Gets Bent [You Tube]
Thao and the Get Down... and Molly in Your Bag [BTreotch's Vine]
Too Many Music Festivals? [@SethrmPDX Twitter]
"Do It Again" by Steely Dan [You Tube]
Phish Tracks! []
Jazzfest Televised for First Time Courtesy of Mark Cuban [Hidden Track]

Daily Fantasy Sports: IS It Gambling?  [Chad Millman's "Behind the Bets" podcast]
March Mad Men [Hyper Vocal]

Science and Head Shrinking
Up All Night: The Science of Sleeplessness [New Yorker]
Procrastination Is Not Laziness [Thought Catalog]

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  1. Great links ... Thanks Pauly... Harlan Ellison is great!!!!!!