Sunday, April 14, 2013

Around the Horn: Reading Binges, Puke Writing, and Half-Baked Pies

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

This is what happened over the past week..
On the Road (Modern Film Version) - Here is both parts of On the Road, the film version with that vampire chick.

Pie Crushers - I received an unexpected gift at an unexpected time -- a gourmet cherry pie.

Weird Tales - Music. especially mix tapes, help jog the memory when things get hazy.

Binge Reading - Reading books in one sitting.

The Puke Secret - The key to writing is to write... a lot... an regurgitate everything inside your head.

Brian Projects and a Dozen Half-Baked Ideas - A year of monthly projects including coming up with 30 ridiculous story concepts.

Anyone But Tiger - I woke up early on a Saturday to watch golf.

Over at Coventry Music, we posted a couple of things...
Background Beats - Spring 2013 - Jonas is a drummer and he posted his quarterly mix of some of his favorite background beats. This is an eclectic mix that is perfect to have going on in the background.

Dead Home Movies (1986-89) - If you like the Grateful Dead, then you're gonna love their home movies that were shot on tour during the late 80s. Amazing candid footage.

Dead Flashbacks 4/12/78 - One of the better Grateful Dead shows from 1978. They were on fire that night in Durham, NC.

Over at Tao of Fear, I posted about a TED lecture that was banned! Graham Hancock gave a speech about DMT and the search for raised consciousness. No wonder it got banned.

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