Saturday, May 18, 2013

Around the Horn: Worlds Colliding, Greenberg, and Gen-X Radio

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Painting by Shannon Finley

It was a long week for me. I started a new work project and was bogged down with a ton of other stuff. I managed to crank out a couple of decent things about the radio and Greenberg. Here's what you missed...
Cutting Room Floor - I will be appearing in a documentary about the poker boom called Bet Fold Raise, however, one of my scenes was cut. Check it out.

Late Night With My Pickled Brain - Here is some more late-night disjointed poetry. I offered it up to musician friends as potential lyrics.

No Soap Radio - As a child of the 1970s, I grew up listening to the radio. That experience shaped my entire life and became a solid foundation for my passion about music.

Whiskey and Ice Cream - I have an affinity for Noah Baumbach films, particularly Greenberg, because he's a grumpy New Yorker who lives in L.A., but doesn't drive.

High on the Job - What would you do if you're a marijuana reporter and eat too many pot brownies? This is a funny animation.

Here's my most recent columns for Bluff Magazine...
Donking Off Penny Lane, Eagle Poker, and Life in the Fast Lane - My two worlds collide -- music and poker. I wrote about the poker scene from Almost Famous and the origins of the Eagles' song Life in the fast Lane.

Dr. Jerry and Mr. Lucky - I wrote about the death of Jerry Buss. The Lakers' owner was also a regular high-stakes poker player.

Don't forget about my weekly column for Ocelot Sports about the Yankees titled... The Bronx Bums Report.


  1. Dr. You hit it out of the park with both of your Bluff columns ... Good stuff