Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Get Lucky

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Bob Lefsetz thought the release of Daft Punk's single Get Lucky trumped all of Coachella. The whole fucking festival, and Daft Punk didn't even play.

Daft Punk was not on the list of bands/musicians performing at Coachella this year, but roughly a week before the festival, the internet got their grips on Get Lucky. The heavy-handed D-funk (disco-funk) tune is Daft Punk's first single from their first album in eight years. Somehow someone leaked Get Lucky a couple of weeks before its official release on April 19th (FYI... the new album Random Access Memories comes out next week). Hardcore fans and music critics were skeptical with the origins of Get Lucky. Some thought it was a fake track, while others were blown away by the ominous foreshadowing of disco. And then there's the talk box that made a lot of fans say WTF? I loved the sprinkling of a talk box effects pedal in the middle of the single, which I thought was a nifty nod to Peter Frampton.

Get Lucky created an instant maelstrom of buzz across social media platforms. The song is peppy. Sensual. Catchy. Perfect hook. It had all the elements of a hit. As Lefsetz theorized, Get Lucky is the mega-hit from the summer and it's still fucking Spring.

The Get Lucky frenzy occurred in the days leading up to Coachella and the timing of everything fueled a salacious rumor that Daft Punk was going to sit-in with Phoenix during their headlining set at Coachella. Both acts are French and know each other, plus Daft Punk actually joined Phoenix once before during a show at NYC a few years ago. So, a cameo from Daft Punk made sense, right? Yeah, it was weird because everyone and their mother on the West Coast heard that rumor from a "friend of a friend in the biz."

Daft Punk? Secret guest? Coachella?

That was a juicy rumor, but not strong enough to get me to drop everything and head out to Indio to see a potential sit-in while wading through a velvet-cheese sea of trend-chasing hipsters and schwasted millennials overindulging on molly and vodka-soaked tampons rammed between their ass cheeks.

Of course, the Daft Punk appearance never happened and R. Kelly made a cameo with Phoenix instead. I heard conflicting reports that Daft Punk was supposedly milling around backstage (or side stage) at some point during Coachella. Who knows if Daft Punk or their PR team concocted the Coachella rumor themselves, or if it was wishful thinking from the music blogosphere? Regardless of the rumor's origins, anyone (who did not attend the festival) with a modicum of interest in Daft Punk tuned in to the free live-stream of Coachella via YouTube. I was one of them. Just in case, ya know? I'm not a Phoenix fan, but would have loved to see Daft Punk and would have hated myself if I missed an epic moment like that, especially when it didn't have to cost me a cent and I did not have to experience the dreaded hassle of dealing with 100,000 sweaty schwil-sters (schwilly hipsters) in the blazing heat of Indio.

Nicky is fond of Get Lucky. I put it on and she gets down. We pissed the neighbors off a few times because we blasted it frequently, sometimes even on a loop. Get Lucky gets the ladies dancing. That's the key to wooing women. Booze might loosen them up, but it's dancing that gets them all hot and bothered. If you want to turn any ordinary party into a rager, then crank up Get Lucky and watch all the ladies shimmy shimmy shimmy.

Here's Get Lucky (audio only)...

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  1. I seem to be the only person who finds Get Lucky to be a bit too derivative of their earlier work. It's okay, but if someone told me it was an old lost track, I wouldn't be surprised. I need a bit more updating. Here's hoping that the rest of the album is a bit more contemporary.