Saturday, May 04, 2013

Twit Links: April 2013

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

This is an index of random stuff (non-pimpage) I linked up on Twitter over the last four weeks.
News, Crime, and Banksters
Texas Murder Mystery: The Body in Room 348 [Vanity Fair]
Hermit Thief Busted After 27 Years of Solitude [Maine Sunday Telegram]
Dick Strings in Times Square [Tech In Asia]
Everything Is Rigged: Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever [Rolling Stone]
2 People Light Up Joint on NYC Subway in Middle of the Day [Gothamist]

Jason Kidd Hits 3/4 Court Shot [Knicks Wall]
Revisiting Charles Pierce's Profile on Tiger Woods [Grantland]
The Re-education of Chris Copeland [SB Nation]
Wayne Gretzky, Styx Fan? [Sports Illustrated]
Chris Duhon vs. Rec Leaguer: A $50K Bad Beat [Deadspin]
NY Jets Draft Blunders of the 1980s and 1990s [YouTube]

Russian Mob Ran Celebrity Poker Games [NY Post]
PokerStars Blog Turns Eight [PokerStars Blog] 
"Bet Raise Fold" (Documentary) - Deleted Scenes []

"Krackman" Professional Bettor [Betting Dork Podcast]
World Sports Exchange Founder Found Shot Dead []
Climate Surrounding Offshore Books 'As Bad As Its Ever Been' [Linemakers]

John Titor, Time Traveler? [Tao Fear]
American English Dialects of North America [imgur]

Film, Lit, Pop Culture, and Comedy
The Art of Fiction No. 135: Interview with Dom DeLillo [Paris Review]
RIP Roger Ebert: I'll Let Roger Do the Talking [Esquire]
History of Caddyshack [Golf Digest]
D.C. Cab (1983) - Full Movie [YouTube]
Bill Hicks: Arizona Bay [YouTube]
Steve Soderbergh: Dismal State of Hollywood [filmcomment]

20 Essential Grateful Dead Shows [Rolling Stone]
The Business of Phish [Pricenomics Blog]
Rare Live Recordings of Miles Davis [Open Culture]
Top 100 Albums of the 1970s [Pitchfork]
Widespread Panic: Holden Oversoul > Life During Wartime - [YouTube]
RIP: Strom Thorgenson, Creator of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon Album Cover []
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