Sunday, June 30, 2013

Around the Horn: Crazy Maids, Alley Moons, and Walsh Crack

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Here is a link dump of this week's tripe. Freshly fried for your pleasure...
Off the Wall - Working from home has its advantages, but it also has some other disadvantages like being unable to separate mental boundaries between the workplace and home.

When the Maids Thing We're Crazy - The O.J. mural always freaks out the maids.

Super Moon, Alley Wankers, and Keep the Loonies on the Path - The freaks come out at night, especially during a full moon. What happens when you have a super moon? Freaks in the alley. That's what.

Joe Fucking Walsh and Free Crack on YouTube - YouTube is like a crack dealer. During my recent crack binge, I cam across a couple of gems from the Howard Stern show including interviews with Jerry Seinfeld and Joe Walsh.

Bomb It (Documentary Film) - This an inspiring film about Street artists from around the world and the risks they take to make their art.

Twit Links: June - Everything I thought was link-worthy that I shared on Twitter in the month of June.

And a couple of things I wrote elsewhere...
Bronx Bums Report [Ocelot Sports]

Flashback: 2012 Phish Summer Tour, Part 1 [Coventry Music]

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