Saturday, June 08, 2013

Around the Horn: Pete Campbell Bakes, SoBH Repair Shops, Foxygen, and Soderbergh Bails On Hollywood

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Robert Hardgrave

A walk down memory lane. If I didn't do these posts, I'd forget about so much shit. The older you get, the more shit you forget. Music and half-baked blog posts help jog the brain.

This is what you missed over the past week...
Lines on the Mirror, Lines on Her Face - Sometimes a song lyric captures the essence of something so specific that you can't really explain it. And why do I keep writing about the Eagles if I don't like them?

Pete Campbell's Magical Mystery Tour - For you Mad Men freaks. It finally happened. Pete Campbell finally decided to get baked. And yes, I only write about the "drug episodes" of Mad Men.

Foxygen: Subversive Anti-Hipsters or Full-Blown Plasticine PoMo Trash?: I can't decide if I like Foxygen or not. I listen to their album all the time. Does that make me a hipster? Or a hipster hater? Or a hipster that hates hipsters? Or a hipster that hates hipster haters?

The Repair Shop: Cougar Spies, Suicidal Screenwriters and Porn Viruses - My laptop broke. Guess what kinds of people you meet at a computer repair shop in the Slums of Beverly Hills? Cougars, porn addicts, and distraught writers.

The State of Cinema and Other Rants by Steven Soderbergh - One of my favorite directors gives you the straight dope on why major Hollywood studios take very few risks and only makes sequels.

Back to the Butcher Shop - How I came to love editing. Not really. I'm stuck in editing hell.

I also wrote a few things for Coventry and Ocelot...
Bronx Bums Report: Swept by Mets and Whipped by the Red Sox - The Yanks began the week in first place but lost their lead after they hit the skids and went 1-6. The Yanks are in trouble and need to stop the bleeding as they head out west for a 10-game road trip. [Ocelot Sports]

NBA Final Preview: Spurs in 7 or Heat in 6? - Down to the final two teams. Miami vs. San Antonio. This was supposed to be last year's NBA Finals. I explain more in my preview for Ocelot Spors. I'm not betting on the NBA Finals. On paper, the Heat should win. Most of the public likes Miami and a lot of the "wiseguys" like the Spurs. The bookies were dangling an enticing offer with the Spurs at 2/1. It was juicy enough that I almost bet it. Almost. [Ocelot Sports]

New Phish Box Set - Ventura, CA - I was fortunate enough to get a review copy of the new Phish box set -- Ventura. Phish's latest live release  features two complete shows (6 CDs) from Ventura, CA in 1997 and 1998. The Ventura box set captures Phish at their pinnacle (97-98) with two gems from two raging summer tours. [Coventry Music]

And if you only want to read my poker writing, head over to Bluff Magazine. I don't write much about poekr these days, but when I do, it's for Bluff....
Ten Years After the Chris Moneymaker Tidal Wave - It's been ten years since Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event and shook up the poker world.

Donking Off Penny Lane and Life in the Fast Lane - I wrote about the poker scene in Almost Famous. I also shared the poker origins of the song title for Life in the Fast Lane by the Eagles.

That's it for now. You should follow my other Twitter accounts.... @OcelotSports, @CoventryMusic, and @TaoFear.

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