Saturday, June 29, 2013

Twit Links: June 2013

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

This is pretty much everything (non-pimpage) that I linked up on Twitter over the last four weeks....
TV, Film, Lit, Pop Culture, etc.
David Simon's Original Pitch for The Wire [Kottke]
Profile on Author Tao Lin [Vulture]
Podcast: David Simon on Here's the Thing... [WNYC]
Podcast: Bobcat Goldthwait Interview on Joe Rogan Show [YouTube]
The Tetris Effect [The Awl]
Mitch Hedberg Kinetic Typography: Link 1 and Link 2 [YouTube]
The Sopranos: Definitive Explanation of "The END" [Master of Sopranos]
Review of Star Trek Into Darkness [Wil Wheaton]
Speedy Version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [Tao Pauly Tumblr]
Don't Go to Art School [Noah Bradley]

Grateful Dead Film: Sunshine Daydream Finally Released After 41 Years [JamBase]
Is Phish a Great Band? [Grantland]
Hard-Partying, L.A. Studio Musicians from the 1970s [Rolling Stone]
One Hit Wonder from the 90s: Whoooomp (There It Was)! [5280]
Podcast: Thom Yorke on Here's the Thing... [WNYC]
Podcast: Iggy Pop on WTF Podcast []
Cameron Crowe's 1978 Rolling Stone Article on Irving Azzoff [The Uncool]

Sports, Sportsbetting and Poker
Opinion: Before the Bubble [Otis - PokerStars Blog]
Trailer: Runner Runner [Yahoo]
Why Sportsbettor Targets Tennis Players on Twitter [Slate]
Pain Pills and NBA Betting Strategy [Chad Millman - ESPN]
The Weed That Came To Chris Perez's House Was Addressed To His Dog [Deadspin]
Does Joey Crawford Really Hate Tim Duncan? A Scientific Investigation [Grantland]
What Happened When I Tried to Interview Incarcerated Bob? [David Purdum Sports]
The Legend of Buster Smith: The Greatest American Checkers Player [Chicago Reader]
Chasing Cave Dog [SB Nation]
Mike Cervenak Played 15 Years in the Minor Leagues [Grantland]
Surface Tension: Technology in Tennis' Golden Age [Grantland]

News and Misc.
The Rise of Poor Man's Cocaine in Greece [Slate]
Wiretapping: We are shocked, shocked... []
Laptop Nomads [NY Mag]
I Was Paid $12.50 An Hour to Write This Story [The Awl]
Me and My Monkey: Confessions of a White-Collar Dope Fiend [Washington City Paper]

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