Sunday, August 18, 2013

Around the Horn: Circus Flashbacks, Swapping Rockumentaries, A-Roid, and Other Tales of Everyday Shit in the Slums of BH

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I got back on the everyday thing again. Much easier when I'm in my office at a set time every day.
The Circus of Light; First Wave of Flashbacks -I tried to explain the strangest aspects of Phish tour to non-phans.

One More SF Pic Dump - I took more pics in this quick trip to SF than I did when I live there.

A Few More Lingering Flashbacks from the Circus - A few things, thoughts, and wispy memories of the last few weeks on the road.

Swapping Addictions: The Eagles for LCD Soundsystem; My Odd Obsession with Music Documentaries - I'm finally no longer addicted to watching the documentary about the Eagles. I swapped that band for a new one. Introducing my new-found addiction to the LCD Soundsystem documentary, Shut Up and Play the Hits.

The (Melodious) Voice That Silenced the Machines - I miss the actress who lived across the alley. Rather, I missed her voice and the random times she'd sing.

Daft Punk Will Never Play At My House In the Slums of Bev Hills - The battle of home repairs versus a newbie amateur plumber and a cheapo slumlord.
Here's a few things I wrote elsewhere...
Bronx Bums Report: The Return of A-Roid - I watched baseball for the first time in a month. And the boo birds were out in numbers for the return of A-Roid. The Yanks are putting together one last final stand to try to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Colorado Flashbacks: Telluride 2010 - Nicky and I flew up to Telluride, Colorado to see Phish play two shows in the tiny park at the edge of town. Amazing shows and an even crazier three-night long party. I recorded a few episodes of the Wook Patrol podcast with friends. I had not listened to those episodes in a couple years. Fun times.

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