Sunday, September 29, 2013

Around the Horn: Day Crickets, F. Scott Hollyweird, and Benson Teaching Me About Politics

By Pauly
San Diego, CA

I was finishing off one major work project, while struggling to finish off other stuff. I bit off more than I could chew. It was one of those crazy weeks.

Here is what I cranked out here...
Bill Hicks on News and Marketing - More pearls of wisdom from Bill Hicks.

Lefsetz's Slanket (Fiction) - I overheard two friends in a diner talking about the state of the entertainment industry, specifically the music biz versus Hollywood. It inspired this bit of fiction.

2AM: No Expectations - A little bit of experimental writing.

Wall Crickets - I have crickets living in my walls. They never see daylight so they chirp at all hours.

Everything I Know About Politics I Learned from Watching the TV Sitcom 'Benson' - Yes, it's true. Hollywood taught me everything I need to know about how shit works in the political realm.

Writing to Live and Feeding F. Scott's Vampire Monkey - F. Scott Fitzgerald ended up in Hollywood cranking out bad scripts for MGM and other studios. How did one of America's greatest novelists end up in a totally different medium? He was broke, feeding an addiction, and chasing a quick buck.

For all of you bacon addicts, I updated Tao of Bacon.

I also wrote about the fading the Jets.

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