Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Colorado Wook Patrol Podcasts

By Pauly
Denver, CO

Over the weekend, I caught three Phish concerts in Colorado. I recorded six quickie episodes of the Wook Patrol podcast with the Coventry Music crew. Guests included Nicky (aka Change100), Jonas, the Joker, Dusty, Leslie Fireball, Dr. Scotch, and Wildo.
Episode 12 - Dicks Spelling Bee - Joker and Pauly discussed the opening night at Dick's and this year's Backwards gimmick: MOST SHOWS SPELL SOMETHING.
Episode 13 - Dusty Bubbles with Dusty (2:47) - Our pal Dusty explained how he attempted to bring in a giant bubble wand into Saturday's Phish show.

Episode 14 - Dicks Tough Ticket Saturday (6:26) - Joker, Jonas, and Pauly discussed the difficult ticket situation for Saturday's show at Dicks. Jonas was shutout but he got lucky and scored an extra after the show began.

Episode 15 - Fire Crotch and Twisted Nipples with Leslie Fireball and Dr. Scotch (2:28) - Pauly chatted with Dr. Scotch and Leslie Fireball about the weirdness during Saturday night's ragefest. Leslie spilled a bottle of Fireball in her crotch and Dr. Scotch was molested by a shithoused drunk woman.

Episode 16 - Rock City with Wildo and Leslie Fireball (5:35) - Hijinks in Shakedown on Sunday. Wildo and Leslie Fireball revealed their secrets on how to hustle spun-out rock vendors.

Episode 17 - The Molly Squirts with Dr. Scotch (3:03) - Dr. Scotch told the Joker and Pauly about his adventures in the men's toilet during the Sunday show.

Episode 18 - Phishy Fashion Report with Change100 and Leslie Fireball (4:16) - This is an all female panel on the Wook Patrol. Change100 and Fireball Leslie dished about their favorite outfits and costumes. Leslie explained "hands free partying."
These are brief episodes... the shortest is under 2.5 minutes and the longest is almost 6.5 minutes. In all, these Colorado episodes are roughly 24 minutes combined.

I created the Wook Patrol podcast many moons ago. We recorded a few episodes while following Phish in 2009 and a bunch more in 2010. Then I shelved the podcast. Every summer I intend to record more episodes, but for some reason (laziness or being too wasted to function) we never got around to recording new ones.

Anyway, after an extended hiatus, the Joker and I decided to reboot the Wook Patrol podcast earlier this summer. We recorded episodes in Tahoe, San Francisco, and Hollywood.

For some deep-deep cuts, you should check out the original episodes we recorded in 2010, which included hijinks in Telluride and Halloween (Atlantic City). Benjo makes a few cameos in the 2010 episodes.

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