Friday, September 20, 2013

The Right Now

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I started to feel sorry for myself. Birthdays at this point of my life are more negative milestones than positive ones. Instead of wallowing in my own misery, I opted for the opposite. Time to celebrate life.

My friend Rick and his family are going through hell right now. His wife, Maureen, has been fighting cancer all summer. I cannot fathom the toll its taken on them, yet he still found time to write up his thoughts on a site he's been updating Taking Cancer By Storm. Powerful thoughts.

I always admired Rick's writing and wished he wrote more. I have no idea how he's found the courage to share these intimate and soul-crushing moments. Heck, I can barely string a few sentences together for this post and I'm an outsider looking in.

Today is one of those days when you really remember what's important in life. The now. Right now.

And right now... I'm sending out good vibes to some people who need it really badly.

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