Saturday, September 07, 2013

Twit Links: July and August

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Ah, the things I tweet'd. All things I came across in my wanderings through the vast tubes of the intertubes. I must've liked these things enough to share them via social media. Now, you get to see a master list of everything link-worthy that I came across this summer...
Pop Culture, Media, and Life
11 Things It Took Me 42 Years to Learn by Shane Nickerson [Nickerblog]
Orwell vs. Huckley and Media Censorship [Ritholz]
Cassette Tapes Are Almost Cool Again [Motherboard]
The College-Loan Scandal by Matt Taibbi [Rolling Stone]
The Bank-Robbing Prostitutes: How a Team of L.A. Hookers Became the 'Starlet Bandits [LA Weekly]

Top 10 Classic Drugged-Out Performances [Rolling Stone]
Khat Fight: Recreational Drug or Recruitment Tool for Terrorists [The Independent]
Merchants of Meth: How Big Pharma Keeps the Cooks in Business [MoJo]
What You See When You Are Tripping Balls [Motherboard]
Bryan Sanders: Portrait of the Artist on Meth [The Guardian] 
Music, Lit and Art
Along the Watchtower -- Bob Dylan [YouTube]
Is Foxygen Breaking Up? [Consequence of Sound]
Marc Maron Podcast: John Cale Interview [WTF Podcast]
Here's the Thing: Eric Fischl Interview []
The Eagles Greatest Hits by Bill Simmons [Grantland]
Smiths-Charlie Brown Tumblr [The Charming Charlie]
15 Books Banned for Absurd Reasons [Buzz Feed]
Henry Miller's 11 Commandments of Writing [Brain Pickings]
Everman's War: Musician Kicked Out of Nirvana and Soundgarden Ends Up In Afghanistan [NY Times]

Hollywood, Film and TV
How Reality TV Gets Written [AV Club]
10 Things You Didn't Know About The OC [The Vine]
Degrassi Junior High Landmarks: Then and Now [The Star]
Joe Rogan Podcast: Marc Maron Interview [YouTube]
Jack Handy Is the Envy of Every Comedy Writer In America [NY Times]
Jonathan Frakes Jammed with Phish [AV Club]
Klosterman on Breaking Bad [Grantland]
Quentin Tarratino's 12 Greatest Films of All-Time [Open Culture]
River Phoenix: We've Got Five Years, That's All We Got  [Wil Wheaton]
River Phoenix: Though I Hadn't Seen Him In Twenty Years, I Knew I'd Miss Him Forever [Wil Wheaton]

Sports, Poker, and Gambling
Bankster Defrauds NHL Players Out of Millions [Forbes]
Five Days Until the Venetian Boycott; Adelson Reains Defiant [Nolan Dalla]
Pros Behaving Badly... "Failure to Engage" by Neil Channing [Black Belt Poker]
Remade In Taiwan: Manny Ramirez's Season Abroad [BuzzFeed]
Here's the Thing Podcact: Doc Gooden Interview []
Why the Lottery Is a Sucker's Bet [NY Times]
Brooklyn's Field of Broken Dreams: Zorilla League [SB Nation]
Outside the Lines: Did Bobby Riggs Fix His Tennis Match Against Billie Jean King? [ESPN]
Behind the Bets Podcast: Krackman Interview and Gambling Addiction with Dr. Fong [ESPN]
Baron Davis Claims He Was Abducted By Aliens whole Driving from Vegas to LA [The Knicks Blog]
That's all I got for now. Two months worth of links from @TaoPauly. That should keep you entertained for a few minutes. I also tweet about other shit... @CoventryMusic, @OcelotSports, and @TaoFear.

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