Monday, February 10, 2014

Inside Dope: Behind the Scenes of Ep 002 [Philip Seymour Hoffman and 90s Heroin Chic]

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

We recorded a special episode of Dope Stories Podcast in response to the accidental OD death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman (PSH).

As I stated near the intro of the Episode 2: The Uncool: Philip Seymour Hoffman Remembered, I knew we'd have to discuss a celebrity death at some point during the show's run. I figured it would be Axl Rose or some strung out ex-80s hair band rocker or maybe even Lindsay Lohan if she finally went off the deep end. I never would have picked PSH. He was such a long-long shot that he wasn't even on the board. But that's the dangers of heroin addiction... it can reach up and snatch you up at any moment.

Here's the "setlist" for episode 2...

We touched on several topics in the second episode, but the main topic was anchored to heroin addiction. Shane read a compelling quote from David Carr about the fall of PSH.

Shane and I lived in NYC in the mid-90s, so we experienced the fallout associated with the "Heroin Chic" years. It was truly a weird time in Giuliani's NYC when the public was bombarded with heroin-related messages from music to film to fashion.

We briefly touched on PSH's tremendous acting prowess and his ability to extract sympathy from deplorable characters. We played two clips from Almost Famous and Owning Mahowny. I've seen the "uncool" scene from Almost Famous a couple thousand times, and it always blows me away.

Since Shane and I are both poker players and have witnessed the dark side of compulsive gambling. PSH's portrayal as a degen gambler who turned to bank embezzlement in Owning Mahowny was so stunning that it was difficult to watch.

I shared a couple of OD stories. Not personal per se. I have never OD'd, but I was around someone who OD'd once in a bathroom after riding the H-train and that's the crux of the infamous ice cube story. I also finished reading a book on the oral history of grunge and briefly explained how the death of Andy Wood from Mother Love Bone was pivotal in the formation of Pearl Jam.

We ended the show with Shane reminiscing about a James Brown and a PSA for heroin. It was a somber ending, but fitting to pay tribute to PSH.

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In case you missed it... listen to the first episode here. Also, here is Shaniac's explanation of the origins of Dope Stories. Here's the first batch of songs on the Dope Stories playlist that Shane compiled.

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