Thursday, February 06, 2014

Debut of Dope Stories Podcast

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Say hello to Dope Stories.

I'm co-hosting a new weekly podcast with Shaniac. We called it Dope Stories. We hope to have a rational discussion about drugs and drug use.

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Dope Stories. It's not just a podcast about drugs... it's more than that. Yes, the main topic is drugs. But we really want discuss the misconceptions about drug use and debunk any myths or disinformation out there.

Most importantly, I want to tell some good stories pertaining to drug culture. I have hundreds. I've written about some here and over at Coventry. But I have a lot to share from growing up in the Bronx in the 70s and 80s, living in Seattle in the 90s, partying in Vegas and Amsterdam in the 00s, and living in marijuana-friendly California in the 10s. I also spent a significant time on the road chasing the psychedelic carnival while following the Grateful Dead and Phish.

If you don't know Shaniac... he's a poker pro originally from NYC. I met him in Vegas in 2005 and we ran into each other all over the world on the tournament circuit, whether it was the Bahamas, London, Monte Carlo, or Australia.

Shaniac recently got burned out with poker. He's going through what I experienced a couple of years ago. I was so run down that I really should have gotten out a year earlier. I finally took time off and that short break has now been over two years. Anyway, I have a bunch of new projects to keep me busy in 2014. This new podcast is one of them.

Dope Stories was conceived five or six months ago. Shaniac got married over the summer and got a vision on his honeymoon. It was a moment of clarity. Inspiration had struck. He called me right away to ask me if I'd be interested in being his partner in a new podcast. I knew I wanted to do it before he finished pitching me.

We both live in LA, so a partnership was perfect. Shaniac tapped his friend Trent (DJ and radio guru) to produce the podcast. He also lived in LA. All we had to do was find a proper recording studio. For now, we set up a temporary studio in my office. That's always been a positive space to create stuff.

We only had one problem with Dope Stories... timing. We had the idea last summer, but were both busy with work and travel and the holidays. So we had to postpone the launch until February 2014.

The time has finally arrived.The concept is now a reality. Today is Bob Marley's birthday. We're celebrating it with the launch of Dope Stories.

Here is the "setlist" for Episode 1 of Dope Stories.

Listen to the first episode of Dope Stories here...

Here is the direct download link (right-click save-as).

** FYI... iTunes coming soon. Give us another week to get all that sorted out. In the meantime, we're on both Soundcloud and Libsyn.

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BTW... we recorded a special episode focusing on the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. Episode 2 (PSH) will be released early next week, and Episode 3 (Crack 101) will be ready by next Thursday. In the future, new episodes will typically be released on Thursdays.

Also... here is Shaniac's story about the origins of this new podcast... Dope Stories (I Got A Few).

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