Thursday, February 13, 2014

Inside Dope: Behind the Scenes of Ep. 003 [L.A. Cannabis Cup]

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Two episodes this week? Not bad for a bunch of stoners, eh?

We dropped three episodes of the newly established Dope Stories Podcast since last Thursday. We're ambitious and will attempt to post a new episode every Thursday, just in time for your commute home, or something to listen to over the weekend.

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The third episode was sort of topical. Over the weekend, the second annual L.A. Cannabis Cup was held just outside of L.A.. I had to work, otherwise I would have joined Shane (and our producer DJ Trent). They had a pretty dank time. I mean, Shane told me he passed out at 9:30 at night if that's any indication about how crazy things got at the Cup.

Here's the "setlist" for episode three titled: Start Up Dot Weed: The 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup...

The episode kicked off with addressing the first setback for Dope Stories. Shane's potential new landlord found out about his involvement in Dope Stories and denied him an apartment. Rough. Shane goes into more detail, but this is something he sort of expected would happen when you try to have a discussion about a sensitive subject. Out of that initial segment sprang up something that should be our new tagline... "We're artists, not drug addicts."

The L.A. Cannabis Cup discussion took up the bulk of the show. Our producer, DJ Trent, became our first-ever guest and we interviewed him about his thoughts. DJ Trent had several astute observations about the future of the marijuana industry, as the biz has slowly morphed away from stoners and gravitates more toward the tech field. Shane dubbed this new era "start up dot weed."

We also touched on the dabs phenomena. It's the future of marijuana... but Shane's a little hesitant to embrace it. We're looking at an inevitable showdown between old school joints and dab technology and innovation.

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