Monday, February 17, 2014

Subscribe to Dope Stories; We're Finally On iTunes!

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

The subject says it all.

Dope Stories is finally available on iTunes. Yes, right HERE.

iTunes is like a mafia-owned monopoly. It's a powerful (podcasting) platform and the right people finally approved Dope Stories. You can now subscribe to us and have episodes automatically added to your queue.

Subscribe to DopeStories on iTunes now.

If you don't use iTunes, you can access our podcasts directly from the Dope Stories website. Or you can head over to SoundCloud or Libsyn. Sound Cloud even has their own app.

Sound Cloud:
RSS feed:

Don't forget, you can also follow us on Twitter at @DopeStories.

Stay tuned for our next episode on Thursday. In fact, check back every Thursday for a new episode.

Please note... Dope Stories will appear in the iTunes search function in a couple of days. So that's why it doesn't pop up when you search for it right now. We encourage you to use this specific link to subscribe to us via iTunes. Thanks!

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