Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Writing Music: Galactic

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Man... I fucking loved Galactic at the turn of the century.

The New Orleans band was one of those groups you dropped everything you were doing and saw them play whenever they came through NYC. Their drummer, Stanton Moore, is an alien. Seriously. No human can play like he does. I can write three or four books about why I think Stanton is from another planet.

I can't remember how many times I caught Galactic at Irving Plaza. I even flew out to San Francisco with Senor once to see them play the Warfield Theatre. I once followed them through Colorado (playing ski resorts) with my girlfriend at the time. I also can't recall how many times I caught the G-men in New Orleans at various late-night Jazz Fest shows.

If you ever caught them at Tips, or some other joint in New Orleans... Galactic was one of those bands that did not come on until a few hours after Midnight and they played a couple of hours past sunrise. They were the band that you brought sunglasses to see... because when you left the venue at 7am, you needed shades to protect your vampire eyes from the blinding light.

This is a "live" album. The Late for the Future album got heavy airplay by yours truly. Roadtrips. Parties. Writing. Booty time. Wandering streets on NYC. You name the activity, I probably listened to this album in the background.

Yeah, Stanton is an alien, brah.

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  1. Saw Galactic a few months ago with David Shaw of The Revivalists doing the vocals. Stanton was on top of his game. Probably one of the best shows in the last couple of years. Can't wait for an opportunity to see 'The Revivalists' themselves. Saw Galactic a few weeks ago with Maggie Koerner doing the vocals, she's a little chick with a big voice. It was a good show but Moore was the highlight. The drum solo was everything I wanted it to be. He was almost buried behind what looks like almost two drum kits but he was definitely back there.