Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baseball Time, Seasons Change, and Jeter's Swan Song

Los Angeles, CA

It's time for baseball. The spring ushers in an atmosphere of hope and change and positivity. That is, until your team shits the bed and you realize they suck and it's gonna be a long-ass summer.

Anyway, I participated in a roundtable with my brother, StB, and JoeSpeaker. We chatted about the win totals for every team in MLB. We broke up the roundtable into two parts...

2014 AL Win Totals
2014 NL Win Totals

As a life-long Yankees fan, this is truly a weird year. It's the first spring without Mo Rivera. Which is to say, it's like the first day after you amputate a limb. It's also Derek Jeter's last year. I'm glad he'll get to take the field without that shitbag A-Roid. But it's going to be an arduous final summer for Jeter because the Yanks blow chunks.

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