Thursday, March 27, 2014

Inside Dope: Behind the Scenes of Ep. 009 [Media Dope]

Los Angeles

We're nine episodes in! Shane called it "Revolution #9." That's a Beatles song from the White Album and it's one of those artsy-fartsy songs when Lennon just says "Number nine, number nine, number nine..."

Anyway, this episode clocked in as the shortest episode thus far, but it's jam packed with diverse topics. It's really three different parts: Dr. Hart Reprise, Dope Media, and Shane's recent score in a poker tournament.

The first part focuses on what Shane learned from Dr. Carl Hart's appearance on Dope Stories in the previous episode. Shane also shared lyrics from two different hip-hop songs... 1) Dead Prez, and 2) Wu-Tang Clan.

The meat of the episode is a new segment called Dope Media, which we hope will become a weekly segment in which we discuss a two or three drug-related/Dope Stories-centric things that we recently came across. During this media-heavy segment, we briefly discussed... Gus Van Sant's film Drugstore Cowboy, Drugs, Inc. Jamaica, D.T. Max's book on David Foster Wallace, and a rabbit hole of podcasts including Duncan Trussell interview on Marc Maron's WTF pod, followed by Amber Lyon's appearances on Duncan Trussell's show and the Joe Rogan Experience.

The last part is all about Shane's recent big score at a WSOP Circuit event in Los Angeles. He also broke down why $151,000 isn't really $151,000.

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