Friday, May 02, 2014

Around the Horn: March and April

Los Angeles, CA

I used to do weekly round-ups, but it's easier to do monthly link dumps, yet I got lazy and have to squeeze in two months into one post.

Here's the last two months of tripe on TAO...
City of Wet Angels - Rare rain in SoCal. The lack of sunshine makes the locals go a little crazy.

Twit Links: January and February 2014 - Yes, the things I tweet'd in the first 59 days of 2014. As Iggy once said, "I give good links."

Stefan Molyneux: Truth About Addiction - Canadian philosopher's take about the root of addiction

A Matter Involving a Personal Business Matter - I love unsolicited phone calls from wiseass collection agents.

High Maintenance (Web Series) - My new favorite web series. Short films. The life of a marijuana delivery guy in Brooklyn. Each episode is a different "client" and each client is eclectic.

Speedy Lebowski - Dig this series that gives you a 60-second animated recap of films. This one was... The Big Lebowski.
Machu Picchu: The Steps (Video) - I finally got off my ass and posted one of the videos I shot from a trip to Machu Picchu in 2011.

Happy Birthday, Dock Ellis (a.k.a. The Guy Who Pitched a No-Hitter on LSD) - Classic animated story of the time Dock Ellis ate acid and pitched the game of his life.

TED: Jen Shahade and Decision Trees - Chess champion Jen Shahade (I know here through poker) gave a lecture about the significance of decision trees in chess (and poker, and life).

Phil Lesh Day - Phil Lesh's birthday... and a snippet from a radio interview. He told a few great stories.

Speedrun: Blade Runner - Another installment of speedy animated recaps. This is Blade Runner in 60 seconds.

4.4 - How about that quake, eh?

Missing Plane - The initial saga of missing flight #370. And it's still missing. Yet, CNN had beat that dead horse to a pulp.

Madness of March Returns and How to Triage Four Games At Once - The joys of embracing technology during March Madness. This is the time of the year I turn my living room into a sportsbook.

JRE with Dr. Carl Hart and Amber Lyon - Joe Rogan interviewed two amazing guests in the same week.

Brain. Athlete. Basket Case. Princess. Criminal. - Remember the Breakfast Club? It meant the world to me as a Gen X'er. Well, hard to think that the film took place 30 years ago.

The Pond - Free write.

New Season: High Maintenance - The gang at High Maintenance released a new episode.

Sweet 16 Quake - 5.1M - An earthquake during the middle of sweating March Madness.

Baseball Time, Seasons Change, and Jeter's Swan Song - It's the start of the baseball season and it's the last year to see Derek Jeter in pinstripes before he hangs it up for good.

Cascades 1977 - Cascades of money and the folly it creates.

Introducing... Broke Stories Podcast - My girlfriend said Shane and I should start a podcast about going broke. Voila! We recorded a special episode in honor of April Fool's Day.

Head Shit - Plumbing talk, but not really. Being in the creative arts is not glamorous. It's more like unclogging toilets and being surrounded in shit and hairballs.

Aliens, Y'all - SCREENPLAY. Obama confront Bill Clinton about Slick Willy hiding evidence of aliens.
Early April L.A. Pic Dump - Some photos I snapped.

St. Vincent - Lithium - It's a cool cover.

Silicon Valley - Mike Judge's new show on HBO is like Revenge of the Nerds meets Entourage.

Rothko Moments [Mad Men]  - Remember the time on Mad Men when Bert Cooper bought a Rothko painting and hung it in his office and everyone was trying to figure out its meaning?

Good Times: JJ's Black Jesus - I read Jimmie Walker's autobiography and he reminded me of one of my favorite episodes.
RIP Michael Ruppert - Investigative journalist and star of Collapse documentary (on Peak Oil and financial collapse of 2008) passed away.

The Collapse of the American Dream - Tax Day. Let's pay homage to our real overlords.

Have A Nice Decade - Good doc on the history of rock n roll and the 1970s.
Live Broadcast: Dope Stories on 4/20 Day - Video of the special episode of Dope Stories that Shane and I recorded on 4/20.

Faded Mornings and the Looming Death of Don Draper - The day after 4/20 Day plus is Mad Men foreshadowing the death of Don Draper?

Human Agency: Interview and New Album  - My friend Jonas played drums on the new album for Human Agency. Check out their free single and watch a promo video. I also interviewed the band and posted it on Coventry.

Game of Thrones, Bad Lip Reading - Joker sent me this funny video if you're into GoT.

Talking DFW On Thinking Poker Podcast - I was a guest on a podcast hosted by poker pro Andrew Brokos. We got to chat about the dark side of Vegas and a little bit about David Foster Wallace.

Crispy Althea - Came across this clean version of Althea.


I participated in a roundtable discussion with the crew. The topic: MLB win totals. Check out American League Win Totals (Roundtable) and National Win Totals (Roundtable).


A couple of my columns were published. I interviewed Jesse May about his poker novel Shut Up and Deal. And I wrote something about Philip Seymour Hoffman's secret life and his portrayal of a gambling addict in Owning Mahowny.


I've been writing a little bit about what happened behind the scenes of each recording of Dope Stories. Here's the last seven...
Behind the Scenes Ep. 07 [Greg Merson]
Behind the Scenes Ep. 08 [Dr. Carl Hart]
Behind the Scenes Ep. 09 [Media Dope]
Behind the Scenes Ep. 10 [Ridin' Dirty]
Behind the Scenes Ep. 11 [Sean Azzariti]
Behind the Scenes Ep. 12 [International Dope]
Behind the Scenes Ep. 13 [The 4/20 Show]

These albums/musicians were in heavy rotation over the last two months...
A Love Supreme by John Coltrane
Horace Silver and Filthy McNasty
The Black Keys
Clifford Brown, Sonny Rollins, Max Roach 
St. Paul and the Broken Bones

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