Thursday, May 08, 2014

Barton Hall Day and Conspiracy Revisited

Los Angeles, CA

The Grateful Dead achieved perfect in 1977 and they caught lightning in a bottle during their 26-show Spring Tour that started in late April and extended through the end of May. 26 shows in 37 days or something ridiculous like that. With the Dead playing six-days a week, they were super tight. Several epic shows from that tour including Boston and Buffalo, but the show at Cornell University was the true sleeper. Barton Hall. It's a name that's enshrined into the memories of every Deadhead. The Dead played probably their greatest live performance on May 8, 1977.

Set 2 opened with Scarlet > Fire. Arguably among the best performances of those accompanying tunes..

 It was the cleanest soundboard that circulated among many taping circles.

But did it really happen? Last year, I wrote a little bit about the infamous conspiracy behind Barton Hall. Even Bob Weir poked fun at it.

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