Friday, May 09, 2014

Inside Dope: Behind the Scenes Ep. 15 [Acid Test, Part 2: Furthur]

Los Angeles, CA

It's time for a new episode. This one is actually the conclusion of last week's offering The Acid Test. This week's episode #15 is titled The Acid Test, Part 2: Furthur. Yes, a nice play on words. We further discussed the impact of the Acid Tests. If you don't know... Furthur is the name of Ken Kesey's infamous bus that transported the Merry Pranksters cross country and across the universe.

At the start of this episode, Shane gifted me a pair of Grateful Dead albums (like Europe '72]. Yes, on vinyl! It was out of his personal collection, which gave the records an added level of sentiment. We had a great chat about why he wouldn't want to be on the original Furthur bus and why certain aspects of the Merry Pranksters experience bothered him. We also chatted about One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and why Ken Kesey was irked at Hollywood's film version of his novel. Shane told a couple of stories about his own cross-country bus adventure and I briefly spoke about what it was like following the Grateful Dead as a teenager and being adopted by OG hippies.

Dope Media included Impolite Interviews by Paul Krassner, Eden Express by Mark Vonnegut, Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, Europe '72 by the Grateful Dead, Free Your Mind... Or Your Ass Will Follow, and Phil Lesh's autobiography: Searching for Sound: My Life with the Grateful Dead.

Here's the setlist for Ep. 15...

And listen to Ep. 15... The Acid Tests, Part 2: Furthur...

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