Thursday, May 22, 2014

Inside Dope: Behind the Scenes of Ep. 17 [I Get High With A Lil Help From Strangers]

Los Anegles, CA

Fun episode.

Ep. 17 is titled I Get High With A Lil Help From Strangers. Dope stories with strangers.

Shane and I weaved six stories involving getting high with strangers. I had three that took place in three different locations: Amsterdam, Japan and Jamaica. Shane's three stories were NYC-centric and included meeting the most memorable person he's ever met, his friend Dee Dee picking up a pair of German tourists girls (one of whom freaked out after smoking too much weed), and a first-time encounter with crack. Dope Media segments included the new album by Pharoahe Monch and Life by Keith Richards.

Setlist for Ep. 17...

Listen/stream Ep. 17...

Download link for Episode 17.

Here's specific timings for Ep. 17...
0:01 - INTRO and Thanks for Donations
1:40 - Shane Story: Dee Dee and 2 German girls
11:10 - Pauly Story: Amsterdam hash bars with Middle East spies and Big Oil execs
20:10 - Shane Story: The most memorable person he's ever met: a savvy traveler from Holland
27:23 - Pauly Story: Following Phish in Japan and meeting local hippies
36:15 - Shane Story: First crack hit in Alphabet City
43:10 - Pauly Story: Jamaica, gambling with British ex-pats, papaya farms & haunted roads
50:11 - DOPE MEDIA
55:00 - OUTRO
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