Monday, November 03, 2014

Instant Classic Podcast: Adopt A Wook

Las Vegas, NV

My friends from the @CoventryMusic crew have a podcast called Wook Patrol. We haven't been doing episodes much this year. In fact, the Joker and I only recorded one episode all summer. But, the hiatus is over! We recorded a dozen mini-episodes (all under 6 mins) including something titled "Adopt A Wook." Without a doubt, this episode was by far my favorite of the bunch and it ranks among my all-time favorite pods (and this includes older episodes of Wook Patrol, Dope Stories and Tao of Pokerati). Yes, the Adopt A Wook episode became an instant classic.

Joker and his wife decided to Adopt not one but two wooks. Nicky read over their paperwork while I interviewed them for this episode of WOOK PATROL podcast.

Listen here:

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