Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Inside Dope: The Dope Stories Reunion Show

Los Angeles, CA

We're back.... for one episode.

Remember Dope Stories? It was a fun project and podcast I co-hosted last year. Dope Stories ran for 27 episodes (plus a special Broke Stories spinoff) and some of our guests included the gang from High Maintenance, Dr. Carl Hart, and WSOP world champion Greg Merson. A couple of our friends came on too including marijuana activist Sean Azzariti, poker pro Jordan Morgan, and even Nicky made a token appearance.

We attempted to have a rational discussion about drugs with Dope Stories and we managed to pull it off for half a year before we ran out of gas and time and money and ideas. Yeah, the weekly grind of creating an hour-long podcast every week with Dope Stories was much harder than we anticipated. But along the way, I got to tell a bunch of stories and share some wild tales. Fun times for sure.

Over the last six or seven months, I missed hanging out with Shane once a week to record episodes. So when Shane suggested that we reunite to record a single episode of Dope Stories for a special reunion show... I was definitely in. We even got our producer to return. With DJ Trent in... the band was officially back together.

The reunion show commemorates the one year anniversary of the launch of Dope Stories. We released the first episode on 2/6/2014 or Bob Marley's birthday. You can listen to old episodes via Dope Stories archives.

The topics for the reunion show included... Shane's recent trip to Jamaica, the George Clinton biography, the differences between cocaine usage by Sly Stone and George Clinton, Shane's new-found respect for Phish after seeing a show in LA, my intense trip in Vegas, the direction of my new novel Fried Peaches, and why exactly Shane wanted to have a reunion show.

Will we reboot the podcast? No. There is no desire to crank out weekly episodes again. However, who knows if/when we return with another special episode. Maybe we'll make it a yearly thing?

Here is the "setlist" for the reunion show...

Listen to Episode 28 aka The Reunion...

Download Link for Episode 28 - Reunion Show.

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