Friday, February 27, 2015

RIP Nimoy and In Search Of...

Los Angeles, CA

Leonard Nimoy passed away today. Spock. Everyone knows that iconic role, but I remember Nimoy differently. I was not a Trekkie as a kid. Sure, I watched the original show because it was always on one of the local NY stations (I vaguely recall it being on channel 9 or channel 11), but I was more of a Star Wars kid after I got indoctrinated into that sci-fi cult.

When I think of Nimoy, his voice that comes to mind. He was the narrator and host of In Search Of.... Truly ahead of its time. Sort of a documentary-style program that explored the greatest mysteries of the world like... Big Foot, the Bermuda Triangle, who built the pyramids, and UFOs. It's weird but super cool that my father let me watch that semi-controversial when I was only 6-7 years old. Then again, my father allowed my brother and myself to watch Benny Hill... despite the boobies and crude humor.

"It's on PBS. It's British. It's culture."

In 2015, In Search Of... would be considered conspiracy fodder  similar to Ancient Aliens. Then again, what the fuck is Ancient Aliens doing on the HISTORY CHANNEL?  Anyway, ensuing discussions about episodes of In Search Of... showed me that curiosity is a good thing and that I should always question the official story if I have issues with the authenticity of said story. If you ever wondered about the origins of the Tao of Fear, you have to credit Nimoy and In Search Of... The seeds of doubt were planted early by my father.

I was hooked on In Search Of... from the get-go. Here's one of the first episodes I saw, which spurred a fascination about the lost city of Atlantis and all things mysterious...

RIP Nimoy.

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