Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense

Los Angeles, CA

I've been on a Talking Heads kick. We got to see this rock documentary -- Stop Making Sense -- in high school film class. Yeah, it was really my film teacher who introduced me to the Talking Heads/

David Byrne was an art school guy and more part of the "art rock" scene than the CBGB's punk scene that the Talking Heads got lumped into. This rock doc is amazing because of a central idea that Byrne was trying to pull off.... with each song, more and more elements are added and the audience sees exactly who is contributing what sound/instrument. Byrne took the stage with an acoustic guitar and boom box for the opening song. For the second song, bass player Tiny Weymouth stepped onstage. For the third song, it's the drummer. The roadies are seen moving gear into place and more and more musicians and background singers join the band as they go deeper into the set.

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