Thursday, March 26, 2015

Writing Music: Vulfpeck - Mit Peck

Los Angeles, CA

Vulfpeck is minimalist funk.

Fortin turned me onto Vulfpeck. He really couldn't stop talking about them. Obsession is an understatement. Vulfpeck does not play many live shows (I think 8-9 in the five-year history of the band) so you really only have four albums of material to work with. Each album consists of a mere six songs. There's not much material out there, but what they got is catchy and downright funky. Very cool jazz inspired, stripped down funky elements.

Vulfpeck is comprised of German-American musicians and they are based out of LA, although they originally formed the band in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Mit Peck is Wulfpeck's debut album circa 2011...

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