Friday, August 17, 2007

Ten Minute Fridays

The DVD player does not have a remote control. Benjo couldn't switch the language on The Big Lebowski so we had to watch dubbed in French. They call The Dude... The Duke.

What the fuck, Duke?

Two nights ago, we got hammered. Really really shitfaced hammered. I had not drank that much since I left Las Vegas. There were no beer sales at the Ajax football game. Since it was a Champions League match, they only sold weak beer or non-alcoholic beer. After the match, we took the train back to Central Station and got shitfaced at a bar next to the 420 Cafe. They served Absinthe (not the real stuff made out of wormwood) but it got you fucked up for sure. We did two shots in addition to drinking pints. I called AlCantHang for a Dutch Dial-a-Shot.

I don't recall too much after 3am and before I woke up on Thursday. I was mildly hungover when I finally rolled out of bed. I didn't write much and only read a couple of chapters of Kerouac before we stumbled out of the apartment around 5pm for breakfast.

We pretty much wander around alternating between coffeeshops and bars. Sometimes we stop off at the apartment for a little bit and the roommates play online poker.

Late nights, Benjo and I have been taking walks throughout the city. We ended up in the Red Light District last night and I found a narrow alley with plenty of hookers. The alley was packed with tourists who gawked at the dozen or so windows which ended up having the best looking crop of hookers that I had ever seen.

I embarrassed Benjo. One hooker who looked like Norah Jones winked at him. She stood underneath the bright red lights and wore a skimpy black bathing suit and slutty high heels. She opened up the glass door and waved us over. I pointed at her, then I pointed at Benjo and myself indicating that I wanted her to do both of us. She got angry and slammed the door.

"What ze fuck did you do zat for?" he said in his accent.

"Just fucking around," I answered.

It was very late and we went to a few coffeeshops and bars we had never been to before mainly since they were the only ones open after 1am. The places that we frequent by our apartment close early.

I went to bed earlier than the last few nights (earlier meaning before sunrise). I woke up early and read for an hour on the roof. That was followed up by a quick post on Tao of Poker about my poker blog turning 4 today.

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