Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Some setlist notes from

(WILSON)* - preceeded by footage from the movie "Castaway" on the jumbotron screens on the scoreboard; with Tom Hanks on vocals for the "Blat Boom..." part;

(Seven Below)** - During Seven Below a disco ball was lowered from within the scoreboard and it began snowing on stage; several dancers in white with blinking light "stick figure skeletons", dressed as snow creatures came out and began circling the band on stage before moving off into the crowd - while in the crowd several grew into large snow angels by adding stilts to their costumes; midway during the song snow began falling on the fans on the floor from a pair of snowmaking rigs on the right and left sides of the scoreboard above the floor; shortly before midnight, the snow angels began shining small spotlights around the crowd, appearing similar to search lights;

(Auld Lang Syne) *** - at midnight, pyrotechnics spiraled from the snowmaking rigs to the sides of the stage and white balloons with snow designs were dropped onto the floor...

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