Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Boulder & Red Rocks Pic Dump

I woke up on Monday froggy and groggy in Boulder after seven straight hours of slumber. I took a Xanax to stay asleep in order to catch up on Zzzzzs after a weekend of heavy and intense partying. The Joker's Boulder crew is very cool and well versed in high altitude training. His crew included a wedding singer, a former Olympic skier, a sixth-grade science teacher, and a professional racquetball player. We had the opportunity to party down at one of the most amazing places to see music outdoors. Red Rocks is truly a spiritual place and you have to go see a concert there at some point. Lucky for me, both Widespread Panic shows were tons of fun.

If Bonnaroo was the first set and Widespread Panic at Red Rocks was the second set, then the encore is two more Panic shows to see next weekend in Hollyweird.

Before I left cool and breezy Colorado, I made a quick drive up to the mountains overlooking Boulder. I reflected upon the last two weekends of music with several amazing people that I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with. I also attempted to mentally prepare myself for two months of non-stop poker during the 2006 WSOP. I needed to take a break from writing and poker for a few days to hit the road and travel and soaking up lively music before the biggest writing assignment of my life.

I also had a big decision to make which would have involved me moving to Las Vegas for the remainder of the year. I spent several hours deep in thought on that. But being in Colorado was hard for me because I always enjoy my time there and never want to leave. As I drove out of Boulder to the airport, all I could think was, "Man, I should have moved here years ago when I had the chance."

I got back into 110+ degree Las Vegas at 4:20pm exactly. I went home to do laundry and met Grubby for dinner. We ate the buffet at Silverton. We had a lot to discuss after he had an interesting job offer. I won't say more than that and I hope he talks about it soon on his blog.

Here are some pics that I took on Saturday and Sunday:

I'm a fast driver

The Joker's ride.

Beef and veggie burgers in the lot

My new crack

Santa & Jessie at Red Rocks


Trey's Languedoc

Red Rocks

Joker's Bratwurst

Me & Frankl


Angelina made a token appearance

The crowd at Panic

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