Thursday, April 26, 2007

Busy Again

I wanted to sleep in on Monday morning, but I had to get up early for an appointment with a real estate guy about an apartment rental for the World Series of Poker this summer. My guy found a good property less than ten minutes away from the Rio Casino where I'd be working for two months. He showed Nicky and myself the furnished apartment with a big screen TV and free internet. It was in a gated community with tennis courts and a couple of pools. All I could think was... 1. Who the fuck plays tennis outdoors in balmy Las Vegas? and 2. I wonder if the gates are tall enough will keep the miscreants out?

Sure the Redneck Riviera might have been fun to read about, but it was an unpleasant experience living there. I'm still shocked that my building unit didn't blow up from the homemade meth lab upstairs or that I didn't get clipped in a drive-by-shooting. The bright lights of the Strip don't reach out into those darkened areas of Las Vegas where the sketchy souls operate. Most of them gravitated to where I used to live on Tropicana.

I ended up renting the new apartment for two months. It's not as nice as my apartment with Grubby in Henderson, but it's much closer to the Rio which will cut down on my commute from almost an hour a day. That means about five or six extra hours of sleep per week this year. Plus the apartment in the Bella Vita was the first and only place I had to look at. The last thing I want to have to do is schlep all over Vegas seeking out Tweaker-free apartment complexes with a decent internet connection. I paid my deposit and was set up before I started work.

Nicky and I ate at the cafe in the Bellagio for breakfast on Tuesday. We both ordered omelets. Nicky got the Bellagio omlete which is stuffed with Maine lobster.

The last couple of nights I had to order room service because I was so busy with deadlines and writing that I couldn't waste any time. The chocolate cake was very good but while everything else was blah.

I got off of work early on Wednesday and went to dinner with the Poker Shrink, Nicky, Amy, and her brother. We ate at Trevi, an Italian place next to the fake Trevi fountain ar Caesar's Palace Forum Shops. The veal was good.

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