Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday in Las Vegas

Been super busy with work and had no time to post. I have about ten minutes this morning to write.

On Friday, we had a late start getting the hell out of Hollyweird. We didn't leave the apartment until 11:54am. My target launch was 11:30 and we were off. It was drizzling in LA when we headed to the freeway. That's when it started coming down. It took three hours to drive the first 90 miles. It took about six hours to get to Las Vegas. I originally scheduled a dinner at 6pm at Joe's Steak and Seafood which we had to cancel. Thank God that I booked a back up reservation at the Palm.

I finally got to drive Nicky's new car. It's not too shabby and has plenty of giddy-up. The best part? The aux port so we can hook up an iPod.

I woke up early on Saturday and had a crappy breakfast at the Imperial Palace where we are staying. It was the cheapest room I could find on the strip within walking distance to the Bellagio.

My work schedule had me at the Bellagio from 11am to 9pm covering the WPT Championships for I'm working with some amazing people like Nicky, BJ, Amy Calistri, Shronk, Poker Shrink, and Shecky.

Nicky and I ate dinner at the Mirage from 9 to 10. I got a bleu cheese burger. Then she went to their poker room to play cards while I shuffled off to the room and wrote from 11pm to 3:30am. I penned three pieces... one for Poker News called the Phil Hellmuth and Jamie Gold Show, an update for LasVegasVegas, and a gem on the Tao of Poker called WPT Championship Day 1A: The Golden Bluff and Anna Who?.

I slept for less than four hours and was back at the Bellagio by 11am. I pulled another ten hour shift. I had been in vegas for three days and did not gamble once. I needed my fix so I bet on three NBA games and on the Yanks-Sox game. I went 1-3 in my bets and was not happy. I barely had time to keep my eye on the game. For a boring day at work, it seemed like I was always busy.

When the work day was done, I went to the Mirage again to eat with Nicky. I opted for the chicken fingers. I went back to write and was up until almost 3am again.

The phone rang at 8am. It was a wake up call. I had been up for about an hour. We have to go see a real estate guy this morning who is showing us an apartment in Las Vegas. We need to rent a plce for two months this summer. Let's hope it's not too far away from where I'm going to be working and I hope it's in a better neighborhood than the Redneck Riviera. I don't have much time to look at places this morning and I hope I won't be late for work.

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