Thursday, December 19, 2002

Blair for President is written by Thomas Friedman. Here's a bit:

With Al Gore now out of the presidential race, everyone is giving the Democrats advice on who their candidate should be. All I know is that whoever the Democrats choose needs to keep in mind a few basic rules that Democrats have forgotten in recent years.

Rule #1: People listen through their stomachs.

Rule #2: Never put yourself in a position where you succeed only if your country fails.

Rule #3: Get a candidate people like.

Rule #4: Get a candidate who can give a fireside chat.

Right now there is only one Democrat who could live up to all these rules: the British prime minister, Tony Blair. Maybe the Democrats should give him a green card. He's tough on national security, he has an alternative global vision, people like him and he is a beautiful, reassuring speaker. He's Bill Clinton without baggage. I'd say he's a natural.

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