Sunday, December 22, 2002

Señor Update!

There was a deadly train crash in India this wekeend, and I emailed our buddy to see if he was alright....

To: McGrupp
From: Señor
Date: 20 Dec 02 10:43 AM EST
Subject: Are you OK?

Thanks for the love!!!! I am fine. I have actually moved into the
Ashram here, which means I have no phone or TV and I
have decided not to buy any newspapers. My only connection
to the world will be e-mail, I won't even surf the net, not even to
find out the Jet/Pats score!!!! For the next week I'll be secluded
from the world. Should be pretty cool.

They have a concert here every night and the band JAMS!!!!!!!!
But they play the same shit, its part of a meditation!!!!! Anyway,
lots of dancing and meditating here, its definitely an experience
like I've never had before!!!!!!!

Oh, by the way, fuck Hampton, go to the NYE Phish show!!!!!!!

Love you, man,
Señor :)

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