Thursday, December 12, 2002

ER Billing Saga...

Wow... I am good. Four phone calls later = $731 discount.

How did a $1131 bill get reduced to $400?

Talent, I suppose. My Wall Street-Jedi negotiating skills and mind tricks have finally paid off when applied to a real world situation. After all, I wiggled my way out of paying $731! I am sooooooooo much happier now about the situation. Of course I will continue to negotiate the $400 bill down to nothing, but at least I have breathing room. Wow, I am still in shock... I got $731 knocked off in three plus hours since my first call to the billing department to complain, just before 9 AM this morning. I was relentless and would not give up. Three hours later... I am $731 less in debt than when I started.

Personally I feel that I already paid $1000 and $400 more is excessive... for a dislocated pinky. After all I wasn't shot or anything like that. I am consdering not paying at all on principle... and standing up to the evil medical-insurance complex which over charges and over bills patients and insurance carriers.

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