Saturday, May 13, 2006

Soggy and Groggy

Last night I went to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game with some friends. Just like last year, Iggy pulled a few strings with people he knows at the Reds. He scored us free tickets and got a message up on the big Jumbotron. The foul pole is obstructing "Boy Genius."

After waking up in a hotel adjacent to a riverboat casino in Indiana on Friday morning, Iggy and I found a Cracker Barrel in Florence, Kentucky. I ordered the French Toast with bacon, sweet tea, and a hashbrown casserole. Yummy. I had one of Iggy's biscuits. We picked up Maudie at the airport then checked into our hotel in Covington, Kentucky which is right over the bridge and across the Ohio River from the city of Cincinnati.

Daddy and BG drove in from Indiana to meet up with us. We went to a liquor store nearby and almost bought a pony keg of Blue Moon. I picked up a 12 pack of Red Stripe and we put all out liquor on ice. We headed to the Reds game with GMoney, who contributes to my Phish blog. Friday night was a chilly and soggy night, but we gutted out 8+ innings. I ate waffle fries with BG and also got a hot dog.

Afterwards we retreated to the suite and played poker for several hours. I got my ass kicked. Iggy and Daddy played Roshambo for $20 a pop. Around 4am, Daddy and I went to Waffle House which was about two blocks from our hotel. I think I have a Truckin' story now after Daddy ate the biggest plate of hashbrowns I have ever seen, while constantly hitting on out "pear-shaped" waitress. When we walked into Waffle House, there were two cops, two hookers, a pimp, a cab driver, and a homeless guy sitting in there.

I woke up on Saturday morning in Kentucky. I had to get up early to buy Widespread Panic summer tour tickets for shows in LA and at Red Rocks in Colorado. I fucked up and thought they went on sale at 10am and at noon. They did, but it was 10am Mountain time for the Red Rocks tickets and 12pm Pacific time for the LA tickets. I woke up too early.

A few hours ago, I scored two tickets to WSP at Red Rocks for their Saturday show. So in a few weeks I'll finally do something that I've been wanting to do for over a decade... see Panic at Red Rocks! And just now, I scored tickets to two LA shows at the Wiltern Theatre. I secured Saturday night and Change100 picked up Friday night tickets. Nice... it's official. I'm seeing three Panic shows this summer.

I took a ton of photos and I hope to post them tomorrow.

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