Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Crashes and 90210

I saw the accident happen before it happened as I stood at the back of the line at the post office. With just one station open, the line curled around the room as I looked out the front window, trying to catch glimpses of Manhattan College girls buying coffee at the deli next door. A blue haired woman in a blue Volkswagen Beetle peeled out of her parking spot and crashed into a red Toyota coming the other way. The other driver was also a blue hair. The both got out of their cars and started shouting at each other. Within seconds, I thought the two were going to have a bloody knuckle brawl in the middle of the two lane street.

Traffic clogged up as cars began honking while the two ladies continued shouting and blame each other. A heavyset Hispanic guy driving a Poland Springs truck got out and tried to separate the two ladies.

"Don't you put your hand on me!" one lady screamed. "I'll sue you too!"

On Monday, I ran seven errands in less than an hour. Since I live in a Jewish neighborhood, the streets and stores were empty for Yom Kippur and I was able to breeze in and out of several stores without any lines. I did everything on my list except the post office which historically had the worst lines.

Fox Sports sent me my freelance contract a few months late. It's a one year contract dated June 2006 and set to expire in June 2007 and I had to sign two copies and mail them originals. The zip code of their legal department is 90210.

I realized why postal workers go crazy... because people that show up at the post office are completely idiotic and have no idea what they are doing. One old man asked the clerk to check on the status of a letter he mailed... on Monday.

A lady with a thick accent tried to mail a birthday present and the clerk wouldn't accept the box covered in pink wrapping paper. The sketchy looking unshaven white guy with a wifebeater, baggy pants, and barbed-wire tatoos must have been a drug dealer because he bought four money orders worth well over a few grand.

* * * * *

I watched the end of the A's and Twins playoff game. Joe Speaker's A's won a close one on the road by a score of 3-2 as Barry Zito pitched a gem in the first game of their series. He scattered four hits over eight innings and outdueled the Twins' ace Johan Santana. The Big Hurt went deep twice for the A's including the eventual game-winning solo shot in the 9th inning.

The Yankees start their quest for a title in a few hours against the slumping Detroit Tigers. The buzz is around A-Rod, who got dropped to 6th in the line up by Joe Torre. With Damon, Jeter, and Abreu at the top of the order, Torre had to make a decision to split up the righties and lefties in the middle of the order as he went with Sheffield (R), Giambi (L), A Rod (R), Matusi (L), then Posada (S). And Robinson Cano, who finished third in the AL in batting average, is batting 9th. Talk about a tough lineup.

And now El Duque is hurt according to the Mets. He hurt himself in warmups today which is another blow to their pitching staff. Mets are going to have to outslug the Dodgers if they want to advance.

Derek asked me who I thought was going to be in the World Series. Without thinking I blurted out Yankees and the Dodgers. Most of the pundits are picking Yanks and the Cardinals but I'm sticking with my impulsive pick. Nomahhhh is going to the big dance and I'd like to see him light up the Mets.

* * * * *

I've been reading and rereading the first half of Jack Tripper Stole My Dog looking for spelling errors. Some sentences are choppy while others flow freely. This version is much tighter than the original but I still think it's missing something. I hope that something comes to me soon, because I don't have too much time to work on it, especially with the baseball playoffs upon us.

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