Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday's Required Reading Link and Video Dump

It's been a while since I posted random links/stories that friends suggested I read. Here you go:
3 Heads Roll at SNL (Defamer) details the axing of three cast members. Their new season aired last night and featured comedian, Dane Cook, in another lame episode. Seth Myers took over Weekend Update duties with Amy Peohler. If you dig Hoartio Sans, Chris Parnell, or Finese Mitchell... you won't be seeing them on SNL anymore, along with Tracey Morgan and Tina Fey who are working on a new NBC sitcom losely based on SNL and created by Fey called 30 Rock.

The Ballad of Big Mike (NY Times) is not a story about AlCantHang's sidekick, rather an interesting look into college football recruiting.

I Like to Watch (Salon) is a must read for all you TV critics and couch potatoes. Here's the tagline: "Does Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 tackle the self-perpetuating mediocrity of the TV industry, or romanticize the self-importance of overpaid jackasses?"

5 Best Places to Drink Beer (Fodor's) is dedicated to StB! Happy belated birthday, bro. By the way, I drank at two of those five places mentioned.

Katies Holmes to Play Victoria Beckham (Movie Blog) made me laugh. Can Joey Potter pull off Posh Spice? She'll have to loose 100 pounds and remove a few ribs. And you know what's really creepy? That Tom Cruise and David Beckham are good buddies.

If you are a Phishead... I posted a couple of stories over at my music blog. Phish is releasing a 3 CD set of their infamous Colorado shows from the summer of 1988. And Trey Anastasio added a couple of shows to his West Coast tour.
Here are some blogworthy You Tube videos...
Lori sent me a link to a video of Phish at Coventry performing Velvet Sea where Page started crying.

BTreotch pointed out one of the cooler videos I've ever seen on You Tube... Noah Takes a Picture of Himself Everyday for 6 Years.

BTreotch also sent me a great video of an uncomfortable Jack Kerouac making a rare TV appearance on the Steve Allen show in 1959. He admitted writing "On the Road" in three weeks, jacked up on benzies and even does a brief reading.

Lastly, Briana sent me this link... Hunter S. Thompson on Late Night with David Letterman in 1983.

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