Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Breaking Mirrors

There was no traffic leaving LA. It was unusual for 11am on a Tuesday. There was little resistance on the freeway getting out of the city and we made it to I-15 in record time. Driving from LA to Las Vegas takes roughly four hours. The first leg determines whether or not it is a four or five hour drive. The last time we drove to Vegas, it took six hours due to LA traffic and bad weather.

The total time to Vegas was under four hours. Yeah, we made amazing time. We stopped by the housing office near UNLV which was leasing me the apartment. I picked up a packet, dropped off my check, and was out in less than three minutes. We the car and settled into the place in less than an hour. It took less than six hours total to leave LA, drive to Las Vegas, move into the apartment, and make a run for the grocery store. That was the good news.

The bad news was the mirror that I broke in our furnished apartment at the Del Bocca Vista in Las Vegas. The decor is cheesy sort of 1970s swingers meets Ikea. I don't mind it too much. The AC works and the shower is better than average. The toilet does not clog like my toilet at The Redneck Riviera. We got a parking space and I discovered the washer and dryer. We have cable TV (minus the movie channels) along with a DVD player and a big ass jumbo TV.

I was in bad spirits after breaking the mirror. I managed to dent Nicky's car as I pulled out of the space to get dinner. I didn't notice a pole on the left side and I fucked up her front quarter panel. There's a dent and several scratches. Nicky insisted on driving after that point.

I freaked out because broken mirrors are omens for bad luck and I don't want to get into the cosmic significance of breaking a mirror in Las Vegas. I was spooked for sure and didn't say much on our drive to dinner or during dinner. We ate at the cafe at Red Rock where Nicky got her favorite BBQ chicken salad.

We played a little poker for a couple of hours. I ended up with a $19 profit before we headed home. I woke up early to write and realized that I'm going to be in the same place for the next two months. That was refreshing.

I have a four hour meeting to attend later today followed by drinks with birthday girl, Jen Leo. By the end of that meeting, I'm going to need a few cocktails.

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