Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lazy Sunday

On a three-day holiday weekend, Sundays become lazy Sundays since in reality it's more like a Saturday. For me I've been super lazy the last few days trying to clear my mind and relax before a hefty two-month writing assignment where I don't expect any days off from the grind while covering the 2007 World Series of Poker. It's my third WSOP and by now I know that I need to enjoy my last few days of freedom by doing things I want to do (in this case... getting jacked up on muscle relaxers, watching movies, lots of reading, and light writing).

Friday was a fun day because I finished a writing assignment in the morning before breakfast at O'Groats. Then we went to the beach during the day and headed to the Dodgers game at night. When we got back from the game, Nicky said, "Oh my God! I wanna try those muscle relaxers that you got from The Shrink."

I cracked a full one in half and gave her one piece. Five minutes later, Nicky was out cold after smoking tough and drinking at the Dodgers game. Me? I was up for a while before eventually falling asleep.

Saturday was mixed. I woke up early and would have slept more but I had intense pain in both of my ankles. They weren't sore and I couldn't explain why they bothered me. Nicky thought I had gout and I know there's a history of that in my family. It felt like old school arthritis. My ankle joins bothered me and probably my lack of weed consumption allowed a minor flare up to take place.

The pain eventually subsided and I wrote for a few hours. The Yankees-Angels game came on at 10am and I watched them get their ass kicked again. Nicky eventually woke up and made me breakfast. I'm lucky to have a cool chick that willingly wants to cook for me.

After breakfast I decided to play online poker at PokerStars. That was a costly decision. I lost $1K in about ninety minutes. It was not fun at all. I played the highest limits I ever played online. I won a few small hands but lost three big hands which cost me dearly. I had never lost that much gambling online. I've lost bigger sports betting or playing in WSOP events but as far as online gambling... that was the worst. I must admit I didn't feel too good when I logged off. I felt defeated because I walked away from a game I knew I could beat but I also have stop-loss amounts set to prevent me from losing more. Once I headed past the 1K losing mark, I had to stop playing. My mood soured.

We headed to Target in order for me to get my mind off of gambling. I picked up several items that I needed for the apartment in Las Vegas. I bought a storage bin, a pillow, and plenty of random items like Alka-Seltzer, a big ass bottle of Motrin, and bath towels. An hour of shopping among families of five and six got my mind off of gambling for sure.

Showcase was all giddy over the recent wave of celebrity gossip that quickly washed over Hollyweird. Just 12 hours earlier, Lindsy Lohan crashed her Mercedes on Sunset ten minutes away from Nicky's apartment. There were traces of cocaine in the car. Nice job, Lohan.

We grabbed an early dinner at Zankou Chicken. I wanted comfort food at a great price. And that's what Zankou is all about. Shortly after dinner Nicky started developing a headache. She took a nap on the couch while I watched movies. She then crashed in the bedroom for a little while longer. That's when I knew she was super ill. Her migraine eventually subsided but it meant I missed out on playing poker with Wil and The Geek.

Instead, I watched a slew of movies last night including The Family Stone (which was originally titled I Fuckin' Hate Her according to Nicky when she originally read the script several years ago), Magnum Force, Jarhead, and 11:14. I couldn't figure out why I kept watching The Family Stone which sucked, aside from the fact that Claire Danes and Rachel McAdams were both in it. I forgot that Sam Mendes directed Jarhead and I'm a fan of his work ever since I saw American Beauty for the first time. Too many ass shots of Jake. I'm always game for Clint Eastwood movies (although I prefer the spaghetti westerns to his Dirty Harry flicks). It was odd to see young actors Tim Matheson, Robert Ulrich, and David Soul play rookie cops circa 1973. 11:14 was a flick that I needed to pay more attention to. Patrick Swayze, with a beer gut, played Rachel Leigh Cook's father. There are some hysterical scenes like the severed penis or when Hillary Swank asked to get shot to save her job.

I also watched two remakes... I caught an hour of both The Omen and The Bad News Bears. The originals are still better then their 21st century remakes, but Billy Bob was kinda funny as the alkie coach Mr. Buttermaker. Oh and I watched a 50 Cent flick called Get Rich or Die Trying. That's a ton of movie viewing for me which I rarely get to do these days.

I uploaded a ton of pics to my Flickr account over the last week or so. Check out my Flickr gallery because it includes pics from the Dodgers game, the beach, and plenty of NYC pics.

I have a photo project called Pauly Food and it's coming along. That gallery has 104 photos. It's food porn and features pics of some of my favorite meals from Australia to Yankee Stadium.
Click here to see a Pauly Food slide show
Click here for the Pauly Food gallery
Click here to see Pauly's Flickr page
My other projects are slowly coming along. I'm part of a new start up company which I'll talk more about in the upcoming weeks. It is sports related and I get to work with cool guys like Joe Speaker and Blinders.

I have been updating the Las Vegas Blog including a Spearmint Rhino strip club review. I even posted something on our Nevada Business and Politics blog about a possible Greg 'Fossilman' Raymer Libertarian Party Vice President Candidate in 2008.

The Phish and music blog has been coming along despite the fact I often neglect it for days and weeks at a time. That's the one site that I let languish when I'm super busy with poker and other writing. There have been posts for eight straight days! Over the last few weeks we have posted about Phish and their band members solo projects for Fish, Trey, and Page. In addition, Nicky wrote something about the new American Idol winner along with posting a video montage of The Beatles medley that went down on the final show. We had posts about other bands such as Shiny Tony Guns, Toubab Krewe, O.A.R., Medeski Martin & Wood (with John Scofield), Widespread Panic, and Galactic.

I took a peek at my Top 5 Videos (according to views) over at You Tube. Here they are:

#1: 2006 Bonnaroo, Part I

#2: Otis Eats Keno Crayons

#3: 2006 Bonnaroo, Part II

#4: Top Gun and Body Shots

#5: Widespread Panic at Red Rocks

I still laugh my ass off during the Keno Crayons video when Wil tells me, "You're a dumb mother fucker." That was my favorite part of last year's WSOP. Click here to check out all 32 of the videos I uploaded to You Tube.

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