Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Twelve Minutes on Tuesday

I'm trying a new thing this summer... the 12 minute post. Let's be honest about the ten minute posts. I either wrote them in four minutes or twenty minutes. It takes about eight minutes to post, edit, add links, and add photos. I can definitely find twenty minutes every morning to write up a few thoughts or post pics from the previous few days.

Like this one:

I concluded my last free weekend in Hollyweird doing a lot more of nothing. On Sunday, I played in a Darfur charity poker tournament that helped raise over 20K. I list a crapload of money this weekend playing online poker but I'm not going to play much over the next couple of weeks so I got my last binge in.

On Sunday night, Nicky and I went to The Palm for her birthday dinner. Since her birthday is in June during the middle of the WSOP, we might not have time to celebrate. Therefore, we headed out for a nice, quiet, and delicious dinner. I'm a huge fan of The Palm and have eaten at their restaurants in LA, Las Vegas, and in NYC. They never disappoint and they have amazing key lime pie.

I also watched a few more bad flicks such as Mission Impossible 3 and That Thing You Do. I also got to see Annie Hall which is always refreshing. Woody Allen's flick always makes me laugh and think at the same time. We also caught The Doors and I got a legit flashback during one of he concert scenes.

On Monday, I woke up early after a weird dream where I lost both my wallet and cellphone in the back seat of a car. I wrote for two hours and headed over to Nick's Coffee Shop for breakfast. They love me over there because I'm a generous tipper and always leave $5 on $17 checks. I got my standard breakfast sandwich (bacon, eggs, and cheese on wheat toast) but I asked for double bacon. Daddy would have been proud.

For dinner, we were invited to Nicky's parents house for a BBQ. Her sister Mandy was going away to Mexico for a six week shoot. That would be the last time both daughters were in town until the end of summer and they wanted to have a nice get together.

I had one of those awkward moments when I spilled a glob of mayo on the napkin rack. Since the napkins were arranged vertically, the glob ended up on at least 90% of the napkins. I tried wiping off the top but that made it worse. Not only did I taint the napkins, I also had an accident with a burger.

Nicky's father made his infamous thick and well spiced burgers. I've had them before and they are amazing One exception... they are super juicy and as soon as I took a bite, it splashed and shot juices out all over the place. The damage happened my shirt in three places and all over my jeans. I also ruined the table cloth on their picnic table in the backyard. It would have been embarrassing if Nicky's parents actually cared about those things. They just laughed it off and proceeded to make fun of Mandy's weird territorial behavior as a child.

After dinner, the Yankees game was on the boob tube. Nicky's mother is a die hard Yankees fan while her father bleeds Dodgers blue. I was happy to watch the Yankees, but Nicky's old man kept taunting her mother about how awful the Yankees were and how they were in last place and were getting beat up by the Toronto Blue Jays. It was brutal. He loudly clapped everytime the Blue Jays scored a run. When the Yanks were getting blanked 7-0, he demanded that they change the channel bit Nicky and her mother hid the remote control in the freezer.

On Monday, we finished up packing for two months in Las Vegas and all we had to do was get up, load the car, and drive out of town.

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