Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Been listening to a ton of Medeski Martin & Wood with John Scofield. It's perfect writing music either late at night or early in the morning.

Been logging crazy hours. They are not as long as they were in the past, but they are an intensive 12-15 hour periods. I got slammed at work on Monday and for a while, it was the worst day I've experienced at the WSOP due to technical issues and side drama from a few co-workers. At least I got to leave before Midnight. That's rare.

Having friends working at other media outlets is good at times but sucks most of the time since I'm mega-busy and rarely have time to fuck around. I'm trying to pace myself and avoiding staying out late drinking and gambling since I want to make it to the end of this gig in one piece.

I spotted an old lady smoking a cigarette while taking puffs off an oxygen mask. She sat at a slot machine and I'm shocked security guards didn't toss her out for a potential fire risk. She could have blown up and taken out several other degenerate zombie gamblers in the process.

Been eating a lot of omeletes. That's my foodstuff of choice. We've been hitting up casino cafes before work... either at the Orleans, Palm, or at the Rio. I get the same thing...bacon & cheese omelete with wheat toast.

My dinners are usually pints of Stella and chicken fingers from Tilted Kilt. I've been eating a lot of fruit salads as well and avoiding red meat.

I did eat a one pound cheeseburger the other night at a place near Blue Diamond called The Outside Inn with Nicky, JW, Friedman, and Spaceman. Amazing burger. I had not eaten red meat in a while so that was yummy and cheap too.

Nicky had a few 11:30am-11pm shifts while I get the 1:30pm to unknown shifts. I've been dropping her off and going home to write before driving back to work. At night she drives home. If it is before 1am she comes back to pick me up otherwise I cab it back home to Del Bocca Vista.

I spotted two cop cars staking out an adjacent building. I had no idea what sort of criminal activity was going on there. Immigrant smuggling ring? Marijuana grow house? Crystal meth lab? Wife beater? You never know in Las Vegas.

I get Saturday off so I can play. That seems so far away.

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