Monday, January 21, 2008

Dancing in Cages and Aussie Millions Party Pics

By Pauly
Melbourne, Australia

After the Aussie Millions final table ended, I headed up to the player's party at one of the nightclubs in the Crown Casino even through I had a rough 24 hour span... starting from the night before when I went on an eight hour bender and drank waaaaaaaaay too much and paid for it on Sunday morning. I struggled through a category 7 hangover all day and made myself puke before the final table started so I could actually function. Best decision I made in a while.

Of course, once my assignment was over (around 10:30pm). I jumped right back on the horse and continued my bender. I dunno when I'll be in Australia again, so I took advantage of the open bar and partying with some friends from the Poker News crew, especially some of the newer folks (all Aussies) since they were a lot of fun to work with.

Yeah, I went a little nutty and ended the evening icing up my black eye. Falling down is not something that happens to me... at all. I've hung with AlCantHang's crew and managed to always stay on my feet, despite the obvious damage to my internal organs.

Yet, at the end of the night, I experienced an Otis-esque spill after drinking a Jagerbomb, when I fell down after I tripped over a lounge chair. The result? A banged up knee and a black eye. Luckily I didn't break my glasses or my camera.

But before that I drank and drank. Open bar. Free Heinekens. No complaints. There were these two cages with dancers in them. They had gone on a break and Johnny Mushrooms tried to offer me a $100 casino chips to jump up on stage and stat dancing in one. Nicky did the same. Mary and Kirsty wanted me to go do it too. I pussied out because I was afraid that I'd get bounced from the party. I had just gotten there and want to drink for free. Brandon Schaefer had the same qualms but he decided to go for it.

Yes, that's Brandon

Anyway, I posted lots of pics from the party over at my poker blog. Go check them out.

Eventually, I'll add them to my Flickr Australia 2008 photo gallery.

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