Thursday, January 17, 2008

Prop Bet: Who's Taller... Amanda or Annette_15?

By Pauly
Melbourne, Australia

I made a massive prop bet with Nicky. She said that Annette_15 was taller than Amanda. I picked Amanda. We finally settled the bet during a PokerNews interview. It's currently Day 1c at the main event of the Aussie Millions. We snagged Annette_15 during one of the breaks for an interview. At the end of it, Amanda and Annette_15 sqaure off. I make a cameo at the end to officially find out who's taller...

If you are viewing this via Bloglines, Google Reader, or an RSS feed... you have to head to the Tao of Pauly to view the video.

If you don't know Annette_15 is a 19-year old Norwegian girl who is regarded as one of the best tounrmanet players in the world.

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